tiana hill

I have practiced yoga for the past 20 years. Though, it wasn’t until 2009 that my passion for it sparked. I was taking prenatal classes and during that time I remember feeling nurtured, seen and safe. My one class a week was my way to go inward, to find a sense of calm amongst the chaos of life. I thought everyone should feel what I felt when I was on the mat and that is when my teaching journey began. In 2012 I left my corporate job to share my love of yoga. Talk about a leap of Faith!

For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled with mild depression, shame and fear. Though some of it situational, I put myself in situations that did not serve me, some of it goes back to childhood trauma. All of it surpressed. Those traumas live somewhere until we do the hard work of releasing them. They live in our physical body and in our emotional being and show up in closed off hearts and tight hips. They live on in the form of depression, shame, anger, fear and resentment. 

In January 2019, I faced trauma head on with the passing of my friend, my love, my children's father. This loss was the beginning of major transformation. This broke my heart wide open. I could have responded with anger and a closed off heart. It was a viable choice. But instead I am choosing to love. To love within, so I can reach my highest self. 

By sharing my journey and experience with others, on and off the mat, I hope I can inspire others, myself included, to overcome trauma, self doubt, anxiety and depression and to live according to their values and move in a way that is authentic and speaks to their truth. 

I thought I had to be completely healed and perfect in order to share this love and healing with others. I realize now that we are all broken and can, and do, heal as a collective. I am a healer. It starts with me. You are a healer. It starts with you. Compassion Is Love In Action!