How will you tell your story?

How will you tell your story?


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They all tell a story. Or at least they should! It’s what connects us. 

Back in 2000, I found a career in promotional marketing straight out of college. I worked with companies to promote and share their stories through branded merchandise. After 8 years I left the company but didn't leave behind the inspiration of helping others tell their stories. 

I have practiced yoga for the past 20 years. Though, it wasn’t until 2009 that my passion for it sparked. I was taking prenatal classes and during that time I remember feeling nurtured, seen and safe. That one class a week was my way to go inward, to find a sense of calm amongst the chaos of life. I thought everyone should feel what I felt when I was on the mat and that is when my teaching journey began. In 2012 I started down the road to share my love of health and wellness. 

I always knew I was a storyteller. Though at times finding my voice to share the stories has been a struggle. This new season in my life has brought it full circle. I have discovered a way to bridge my passions to tell my story and help others do the same.

In January 2019, I faced trauma head-on with the passing of my friend, my beloved, my children's father. This loss was devastating and the beginning of a major transformation. This broke my heart wide open and took me on a road to deep healing. 

Compassion Is Love In Action became my mantra for healing. Compassion has been said to be the trembling or quivering of the heart in response to pain or suffering. It reminds us, we are all connected, by our pain, our experiences, and our stories. 

 By sharing my journey and experiences with others, on and off the mat, I hope I can inspire others to tell their authentic story. And some of you even joined me in my first Compassion Is Love In Action (CILIA) work-in where we shared an afternoon of movement, mindfulness and nourishment from the inside out. CILIA is a part of my healing journey and I'm so happy others are open to receive and allow me to share. 
Recently, I joined my dear long-time friend, Karie Cowden in her company Connect the Dots, LLC. We work with our clients to create experiences around their brand using promotional products! I look forward to working with companies to tell their stories in a unique, interesting and inspiring way.  
So whether you want to join me in a workshop, to begin your journey through yoga, mindfulness/meditation, to add a new daily ritual, to adopt a new health and wellness habit or to tell your story through events or branded merchandise, I’ll be your partner through your journey. 
Tell me; How can I help?

Til next time,

Live Well. Be Well. 



Tiana Hill